Slovenian Voice Over Rate Card


Firstly, by dealing with me directly, you don’t have to pay any middlemen or agency commissions. Also, this saves you money on your voice over project. Below is the Slovenian voice over rate card.

Most important, you will get studio quality audio of professional Slovenian voiceover, at affordable prices. All in all, perfect for startups, small businesses and big companies.

Also, the audio includes FREE post production – debreathing, editing, normalising, etc. That is, these will be finished files, one take unless negotiated otherwise. In addition, Raw/unprocessed files can be supplied upon request.

Please see my revision policy below, at length.

Audio files are provided in your choice of format, of course. MP3, WAV, also phone system specific files such as PCM, aLaw or other codecs.

 The following rates are not final  and are subject to change.

For a quote, contact me directly via or below.


15 SEC………………………30€

16 TO 30 SEC……………….60€

31 TO 60 SEC……………..100€

1 TO 2 MIN………………..140€

2 TO 5 MIN………………..200€

5 TO 10 MIN..……………..300€

10 TO 15 MIN………….30€/MIN

 FROM 15 MIN…………28€/MIN 




RADIO AD……………………40€

TV AD…..…….……………100€

Revision Policy
Slovenian Voice Over Rate Card

Rates of course include a FREE revision if I make any mistakes in the recording.

Also, minor script changes (a few words) will be revised free (within 7 days of the original recording). Any other changes in the script will thus be charged at a rate of €10 per change or sentence.

Subsequently, to produce a timely finished product for you, please ensure to provide clear direction on the read style of your Slovenian voice over project. Also, I’m happy to have a quick phone or skype call for clarification/briefing on the voice over project.

For recordings longer than two minutes, I will usually record a short section for approval before the full project too.

Also, please provide an audio file or link to a video for pronunciations of any hard to pronounce words. Furthermore, for names or place names in your Slovenian voice over project. It is also advisable to mark any special requests in the script.

Also, if you want numbers or acronyms to be read out in a specific way, please make that clear.

In addition, if you need your work split into separate files, please provide a spreadsheet or details of the file names you would like me to use. For more than 10 split audio files, there may thus be a small additional production charge. This can subsequently be discussed at the time of booking of your Slovenian voice over project.

Additional information for Slovenian Voice Over Rate Card

Royalty free music can also be purchased and mixed upon request. I would firstly suggest BenSound for a wide selection of tracks. The price will thus be 10€-25€ extra depending on the track used. 

Also, as a low cost alternative, I can mix in any track from YouTube Audio Library. This costs all in all 5€ to cover the mixing of your Slovenian voice over project.

Turnaround for long form narration is generally 24 hours for under 1000 words. 48 hours for 1000-3000 words or also 72 hours for 3000 and more words.

Please enquire for delivery time on projects of 15000 words or also more regarding your Slovenian voice over project.

Please note: urgent work will be charged at 5€ per 100 words for less than 24 hour delivery.

Also, if you have any additional questions regarding the Slovenian voice over rate card, I am always here for you.

About the Slovenian language

Firstly, the Slovenian language is a cornerstone of our existence and of our cultural and artistic creativity. 

In the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian language certainly permeates all aspects of social life. Knowing Slovenian is therefore a must for establishing social relations in many different areas. That is, from education, media and healthcare to the economy and culture. 

That is why we ensure that the Slovenian language has a central role in public life within Slovenia. Because we strive to preserve its usage, vitality and dynamics. (source:

Slovene or Slovenian (slovenski jezik or slovenščina), is thus a South Slavic language spoken by the Slovenes.

It is henceforth spoken by about 2.5 million speakers all over the world, most of whom live in Slovenia. It is one of the three official languages, all in all. As Slovenia is part of the European Union, Slovene is also one of its 24 official and working languages. (source:

About Slovenia in general

For those of you who would like to know more about Slovenia, here are some awesome facts too.

1. Firsty, the entire population of Slovenia is a bit less than 2 million people. Despite that, we have about 30 different dialects of Slovenian language, which fall into 7 main groups. Moreover, 300.000 of us live in Ljubljana, our capital, which is the largest city.

2. Secondly, the oldest written records of Slovenian language are the Freising manuscripts, they were made around the year 1000. This is also the oldest known written records of any Slavic language.

3. Thirdly, we have one of the largest brown bear populations in Europe. Therefore, we export our brown bears to countries where the species is endangered. What’s more, you can even go on bear photo safaris.

4. In the fourth place, Triglavica features the longest straight vertical drop in the world (603 metres).  Also one of the tallest underground waterfalls! Therefore, it won’t surprise you to learn that the Slovenian word “vrtiglavica” translates to “vertigo”.

5. Lastly, france Prešeren’s poem ‘Zdravljica’ (‘A Toast’) is Slovenia’s national anthem. Since each of its stanzas is shaped like a wine glass, it is quite suitable for raising a toast.



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